“I want to emote something truthful and ultimately healing.” says OXLIP who hails from Northern Ireland but currently lives in Vancouver, BC, speaking of her new 4 song EP A Kind Of Premonition, about death, addiction and the metaphysical. “The songs should be authentic, like an exerpt out of my diary, and which speak of my real life experiences and encounters”. The 4 songs stylistically are a nod to her unmistakable traditional folk influence. Like a true Appalacian mountain ballad, they are simple songs with less than simple content- but her references are broader still. The third track, Serpentine, is infused with a faded fairground/eerie carnival feel that shifts tempo mid song, which she says is inspired by Lee Hazelwood/Nancy Sinatra’s song Some Velvet Morning. OXLIP is a multi-instrumentalist and self-produced the tracks in her studio World Peach Records. The songs were written with film and TV in mind, OXLIP being a trained classical actor, likes to compose songs from the perspective of a character or emotion from a scene. OXLIP’s most recent work, Your Mother Was A Peacock, was compared vocally and tonally to Phoebe Bridgers and The Weather Station. It’s title track landed on the Spotify Editorial Playlist Folk & Friends along with Fleet Foxes and Iron & Wine. She was interviewed on CBC radio Canada, and charted at #2 on Earshot’s folk/roots/blues radio stations. She has toured perviously opening for and playing with folk/psych rock band The Deep Dark Woods.