Oxlip hails from the coastal village of Coney Island, N.Ireland. Her songs are as sweeping as the coastal winds that shaped her childhood. A marriage of traditional folk and psychedelia- raunchy guitar arrangements wrapped around the purest of vocals, and lyrics described as ‘..a cauldron of celtic mysticism & folklorist parables.’ (Fatea). Oxlip opened for and played with Canadian folk/rock band The Deep Dark Woods across Canada in 2017. Her second album ‘Wolves! cried the Maid’, self-released in 2018, reached #2 on Earshot’s National folk/roots/blues radio charts. She now resides in Vancouver, Canada and contributes to the folk landscape of her new home. Ethereal, haunting, and profound, her third full length album will be released on Garment District Records April 2021.



“Wolves! Cried the Maid..has a Celtic twilight, mystical vibe; a fairy tale quality, heavenly vocals yet despite that purity, something deeper lies beneath. Like all good fairy tales, there’s a darkness lurking…an artistic masterpiece”

“music of real beauty..” Julie Williams-Nash (Folk & Tumble)


“…Her soft, yet powerful vocals pull you forward through the song as if you’re walking through a haunting memory…”

“Review – Oxlip” Chelsea Brimstin (Canadian Beats)


“…a sort of inter planetary psychedelic Celtic/Americana crossroads…a cauldron of mysticism and folklorist parables”

“Review – Wolves! Cried the Maid” Emma Marshall (FATEA)


“…poignant and a painfully sorrowful beauty threads itself throughout…”

Red Line Roots


“‘Wolves! Cried the Maid’ comes out feeling like a walk through the woods, sun glinting on leaves, and a seaside breeze nearby…classic British folk…in the vein of later-era Marianne Faithfull”

Mike Dunn (BeatRoute)