“Wolves! Cried the Maid..has a Celtic twilight, mystical vibe; a fairy tale quality, heavenly vocals yet despite that purity, something deeper lies beneath. Like all good fairy tales, there’s a darkness lurking…an artistic masterpiece”

“music of real beauty..” Julie Williams-Nash (Folk & Tumble)


“…Her soft, yet powerful vocals pull you forward through the song as if you’re walking through a haunting memory…”

“Review – Oxlip” Chelsea Brimstin (Canadian Beats)


“…a sort of inter planetary psychedelic Celtic/Americana crossroads…a cauldron of mysticism and folklorist parables”

“Review – Wolves! Cried the Maid” Emma Marshall (FATEA)


“…poignant and a painfully sorrowful beauty threads itself throughout…”

Red Line Roots


“‘Wolves! Cried the Maid’ comes out feeling like a walk through the woods, sun glinting on leaves, and a seaside breeze nearby…classic British folk…in the vein of later-era Marianne Faithfull”

Mike Dunn (BeatRoute)